Award entries CLOSE
3RD MAY 2019


Brick manufacturers nationally who are current members of Think Brick Australia will provide a warranty in relation to brick cleaning performed by accredited brick cleaners on the following conditions:

  1. The party with the warranty issue should not contact either Think Brick Australia or the brick manufacturer unless the relevant cleaner has been given an opportunity to rectify the problem;
  2. Only current members of Think Brick Australia nationwide warrant the work by an accredited cleaner for bricks and only in respect to bricks manufactured by that member.
  3. The warranty claim procedure set out herewith must be followed.

              *Initial negotiations should take place between the party and the brick cleaner with a view to                           rectifying the problem.

              *The brick cleaner is expected to rectify the problem at his own expense.

              *Should this fail, the party may contact the relevant Think Brick Australia brick                                       manufacturer member.

              *The brick manufacturer will then assess the problem and if possible negotiate a settlement.

              *If agreement cannot be reached, an expert consultant will be called in to advise options and                           recommendations for repair before payment of any cost to rectify can be considered.
  4. The amount to be paid for rectification will be decided by the manufacturer at their discretion but will be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per job and only after every effort has been made to recoup the cost of rectification from the brick cleaner.
  5. Any rectification costs will only be paid after the expert consultant considers that all options for remedial work have failed.
  6. No compensation will be considered by any brick manufacturer member of Think Brick Australia.
  7. The terms and conditions of this warranty may be varied from time to time and the terms and conditions at the date of any claim are the ones that apply.
  8. Brick manufacturers reserve the right to cancel the warranty and liability at any time in the future without prior notification.
  9. This warranty is not offered by Think Brick Australia, but by its member brick manufacturers nationally and Think Brick Australia will not accept any liability whatsoever under this liability.
  10. If the work is carried out by a non-accredited cleaner, rectification costs will be borne by the builder and the brick cleaner.
  11. Should the accredited brick cleaner fail to fix any damage caused by the brick cleaning, Think Brick reserves the right to remove their accreditation and their presence on the Think Brick website.