Brick Cleaning Accreditation Course

Our Brick Cleaning Course is run in partnership with TABMA Training.

Brick cleaners nationally will be able to achieve industry accreditation by successfully completing this course.

The courses cover both theoretical and practical components and covers general cleaning, correct identification and removal of all common brickwork stains.

The brick cleaning course comprises of two streams – a short three hour stream targeting those interested in gaining an overview of the brick cleaning process and a comprehensive two-day stream targeting brick cleaners.

The two-day accredited Course is $850 (GST free). Brick cleaners operating in NSW also need to undertake the RPL portfolio for an additional $350 (GST free) on top of the accredited course fee. The three hour short course is $385 (Inclusive of GST).

Brick cleaners who wish to obtain accreditation are required to pass a basic classroom/workshop component of the course, followed by an on-site assessment conducted by TABMA Training. Brick cleaners who achieve accreditation will be listed on our website.

It is a condition of maintaining accreditation that an accredited brick cleaner must:

  1. attend and successfully complete all brick cleaning courses prescribed by TABMA Training from time to time for accredited brick cleaners; and

  2. notify us if and when he or she leaves the employment of, or sells, the relevant brick cleaning business listed on our website and, assuming that he or she continues to work as a brick cleaner, provide us with the details of his or her new employer or brick cleaning business (as the case may be) and his or her new contact details.

To maintain its listing on our website, a company or business is required at least every two years to:

  • confirm that it is still providing brick cleaning services;
  • notify us of its current contact details; and
  • prove to our satisfaction that it still employs an accredited brick cleaner.

Builders nationally who use accredited brick cleaners from the website list will have their work warranted by the manufacturer of the bricks that were cleaned.


For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions on the Brick Cleaning Accreditation Course.



The courses are being held in the following months:


Sydney 21st - 22nd

Brisbane 25th - 26th

Melbourne  28th - 29th 


Adelaide 1st - 2nd 

Perth 4th - 5th


Sydney 13th - 14th

Brisbane 18th - 19th

Melbourne 20th - 21st


Adelaide 2nd - 3rd

Perth 4th - 5th


Sydney 19th - 20th

Brisbane 24th - 25th

Melbourne 26th - 27th


Adelaide 8th - 9th

Perth 10th - 11th





75 Townson Road, Schofields, NSW 2752


105 Gardner Road, Rochedale, Qld 4123


Brick Makers Drive, Wollert, VIC 3750


201 Greenwith Rd, Golden Grove, SA 5125


260 Kalamunda Road, South Guildford, WA 6055


For more information please contact:

Hagop Tchamkertenian

National Manager Advocacy & Policy

02 8035 8606

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