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3RD MAY 2019

Think Brick CEO Elizabeth McIntyre Featured in Latte Magazine



The team at Business Chicks explore the diverse career history and secrets to success of Think Brick CEO, Elizabeth McIntyre, in this month's Latte Magazine Article "Paving The Way".

When asked how she'd succeeded in such varied fields, from working at Ford with their V8 Supercar sponsorship to Marketing Director at Walt Disney Television and now as CEO of Think Brick, representing the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Australia, Elizabeth shares her top tips for success, including:


The Importance of Passion

"The answer is simple: passion is the key to success," said Elizabeth. "Total and complete passion for the brand, product and people you're representing at the time."


Believe in Yourself

While Elizabeth believes passion is key, she also acknowledges that as a leader, you've got to believe in yourself.

"It's very hard to harness enthusiasm in others if you don't believe in yourself. I think a leader has got to have enough self-awareness that they understand what their impact is - positive and negative," said Elizabeth.


Keep Going!

Another secret to Elizabeth's success has been her resilience.

"It's not how many times you fall over - it's how many times you get up," said Elizabeth.

In the article, Elizabeth talks about a growing trend where people are saying "It's too hard" and giving up. But for a successful leader, the time to keep going is especially when things aren't going your way.

"A good leader should be able to show resilience because not everything is always going to go well, but you still have to get back up the next morning and go to work," she said.


Elizabeth also shares how she's succeeded as a female CEO in a male-oriented industry and what she believes the industry can do to encourage a whole new generation of female leaders.


You can read the full article here.